Being an avid podcast consumer, it’s one of my favorite topics. There are millions of podcasts out there these days, making it pretty insurable that you can find a podcast covering just about any subject you could possibly imagine.

I’ve been a regular podcast user for a few years now. Being accessible largely for free, it’s provided endless hours of entertainment. I’ve gotten to the point where it’s a daily ritual that begins from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed at the end of the day. As a result, I’ve also found myself having completely consumed my current podcast interests countless times; leaving me with nothing new to listen to and finding myself at a loss. Following that, my process and search for more podcasts continues and my collection grows. A collection, because if a podcast is still being updated with new episodes you still have the regular content from those you’re already subscribed, to listen when it’s uploaded. And most that are current have a regular schedule they adhere to. Some record in a series, or a set number of episodes for a “season.” Others choose to record year-round. As a whole, it’s a medium that most creators truly perform out of a passion for creativity, their topics, and most of all, dedication and love for their listening fans.

So, as your newly self-appointed podcast connoisseur, allow me to suggest a few of my current favorites from the catalog I’ve procured over time.

Here’s your first 3 recommendations on behalf of your personal connoisseur, to start us off for the month of January 2021.


This American Life

Starting off with a classic.

Produced by PRX and hosted by Ira Glass, this show has been going for about 20 years. It’s a cool journey to take. Not to mention, very well produced. Stories about America and the people living in it.

This American Life | Listen Notes

It’s Always The Husband

For the true crime seekers.

This show is my current absolute favorite. Not many that have made me laugh as much as this one. Sarah and Megan are so entertaining and down to earth as they retell you episodes from shows like Forensic Files, among others.

It's Always The Husband | Listen Notes

The Dropout

Another great production, especially if your new to podcasts. Produced by ABC News, The Dropout tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes and the Theranos scam. It’s a must listen!

The Dropout | Listen Notes

1/14/2021 by Brittany M.

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